T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, July 8, 1864.

     The Alabama -- the miserable pirate -- is at last at the bottom of the sea, thanks to our brave sailors.

     The Minnehaha arrived from below yesterday.  She brought up iron and bridge timber for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.  Five hundred tons more are on the way.

     We were informed by Capt. Keeler yesterday, that the railroad bridge across the Kansas river would be completed in two weeks.

     Two houses were struck by lightning during a recent shower in Leavenworth.  The one most injured was "protected" by a lightning rod.

     There are a good many cherries being brought into market; most of them are bought for the purpose of canning.  Now is the time to put them up.

     WESTMINSTER COLLEGE. -- The Board of Trustees of Westminster College, located at Fulton, have elected the Rev. John Montgomery, of Pettis county, President of the Institution.

     Quite a number of ladies and gentlemen can be seen horseback riding when the cool of the evening comes on.  It is certainly a very pleasant and healthful exercise.

     It has been said that an ice cold "Sherry Coble" is a pretty "good thing" on a hot day.  We were prevailed upon  yesterday by  gentleman to take one, and it is needless to say we were convinced.

     The Mechanics Bank has declared a dividend of four per cent.  Stockholders in the Kansas City Branch will be paid their dividend on demand.  -- D. L. SHOUSE, Cashier.