T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, July 15, 1864.

     Yesterday the weather was damp, dubious and sultry, creating a general indisposition to any great activity.

     SALOON FOR SALE. -- The saloon in the Union Hotel is for sale cheap.

     Upwards of eight hundred English and Welsh passed up the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad the other day, on their way to Brigham Young's Land.

     The Kate Kinney came up yesterday evening, with a good load of freight and passengers.  She made a quick and safe trip to this place.  Being under Government orders, it is not known when she will go down.
     Our forces had an engagement wit the rebels at Camden Point, killing fifteen.  They are falling back and our troops in hot pursuit.  It would seem they dare not risk a fair engagement.

     ANOTHER GUERRILLA OUTRAGE. -- Yesterday morning the bushwhackers committed another of their daring outrages, between this city and Independence.  Five of them stopped the coach, taking the mail and horses, and robbing the passengers of their clothes and money.

     THE REBELS IN PLATTE. -- The latest intelligence from Platte county is to the effect that the rebels to the number of four hundred, have abandoned Platte City, and are rapidly marching northward.  The Union troops, under Gen. Davies, moved from Weston yesterday afternoon, and are now in rapid pursuit.  These are the most reliable statements we have received.  Various other reports are in circulation, but less worthy of credence.  It was stated by passengers who came from Weston yesterday afternoon that twenty-three of these bushwhackers were captured by our advance, and are now in custody at Weston.  it is believed that the pursuing force is ample, and that the rebels will be effectively beaten and routed.

     A gentleman named Cave, who resides in Clay county, was robbed by guerrillas and had to flee for his life.  He passed through Platte City at 11 o'clock yesterday morning.  He states that Thornton, with three hundred men, left that place on Tuesday night.  He did not molest anybody there, although he plundered one store, the owner of which had gone.  Thornton recruited from the PawPaw militia in Platte and Clay, but did not force anyone into the ranks.