T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, July 3, 1864.

     To-morrow being Independence Day, and a holiday among all loyal printers, we shall issue no paper on Tuesday  morning.

     Another load of iron for the Union Pacific Railway arrived by boat yesterday.  Sufficient to complete the road to Lawrence is now on the way from St. Louis.

     A gentleman from Independence informs us that all is quiet in that locality.  The work on the railroad beyond Independence is being pushed with vigor, and the contractors on the heavy work on the Blue, expect to have it finished by the middle of October.  It is generally thought in that neighborhood that Quantrell has gone north of the river.

     Turner will sell by auction on Monday, July 4th, at 9 o'clock, 12 barrels of New Orleans' Sugar, in perfect order.

     The Circus yesterday was the occasion for a great outpouring of the masses.  People were in from the country all about.  A heavy delegation was over from Clay county.  A "smart" sprinkling of Shawnee Indians were also in the town.  The band of the circus discoursed very fine music -- The sayings of the clown were, as usual, witty, and the acrobatic performances were up to the ordinary standard of such exhibitions.

     The Conservative speaks of a "refreshing rain" in Leavenworth on Thursday night.  None here yet, and things very dry.

     LEXINGTON JOURNAL. -- A new paper under the above title has just been started in Lexington, Mo., of which the second number is before us.  It is radical in politics, and gives us many items of interest from that locality.  We wish it success.