T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, July 28, 1864.

     Dust and heat have again taken Kansas City, and ye denizens sigh for a general opening of the windows of heaven.

     A cavalry company of "City Rangers," has been formed at St. Joseph, and received into service as "minute men" by Gen. Fisk.  The company is for the purpose of the defense of the city.

     DEATH OF HENRY SCHAEFFER. -- We regret to learn of the death of Henry Schaeffer, of this city.  He was buried at Fort Laramie on Tuesday.  He was a steady, industrious and worthy young man, and his loss will cause much sorrow among his numerous friends ad relatives here.

     The ladies connected with the 1st Presbyterian Church, at Wyandotte, propose to give another Tableax and Concert at McAlpin's hall, Wyandotte City, this Thursday evening.

     SAMUEL HALLETT KILLED. -- We have just received a telegraphic dispatch from Wyandot which states that Samuel Hallett was assassinated.  This is all the intelligence we  have at this writing.  It is a heavy loss.  We may receive particulars before going to press.
     Since writing the above we learn the following particulars.  He was killed by O. G. Talcott, who was formerly in the employ of the Company (Kansas Pacific Railway) as an engineer.  He left the employ of the Company voluntarily, not being discharged.  For several days he has been about the streets with a Spencer (16-shooter) rifle, and disarmed any suspicion his conduct might have excited, by stating that he was an agent for th3e sale of that arm.  Mr. Hallett went to dinner about half-past two o'clock.  As he passed from dinner toward his office, he passed a party of men, among whom was Talcott, standing in front of a store, bowed to the party without stopping.  When he had passed about one hundred feet, Talcott raised his rifle, took deliberate aim and shot him in the back, the ball severing the spinal marrow and causing instant death.  It is said that no personal difficulty had ever occurred between Talcott and Samuel Hallett of any kind whatever.  It was a cowardly and unprovoked assassination.