T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, June 10, 1864.

     Major Gen. Jas. G. Blunt and staff were in town a short time yesterday.  They proceeded on to Leavenworth.  Blunt expects to supersede Steele.

     Young ladies, would any of you like to open a correspondence with one of Uncle Sam's boys, just for the "fun of the thing?"  If so, address "H. E. B., 2d Colorado Cavalry."

     The Lawrence Tribune states that John P. Bailey, a young man imprisoned in that city upon the charge of robbing the Franklin county safe, committed suicide on Tuesday evening by hanging himself in his cell.  Previously he wrote a letter, taking leave of his patents and wife, and requesting the Sheriff to inform them of his death.

     Eight thousand pounds of wool  have have been received at Atchison from Colorado, for shipment to the East.

     The Council Grove Press says Sam Wood has gone to hauling saw logs herding cattle.  In his absence from the office, the Press runs itself

     Mr. Kolb was the man who painted the sign for Ensel & Bro.  The same gentleman painted the fine sign used by the Sanitary Fair a few weeks ago.

     Somewhere between Westport and this city, a lady's hunting case gold watch, with name engraved.  The finder will be suitably reward.  Contact Amelia Evans.