T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, May 26, 1864.

     The Emilie brought down lots of freight yesterday.  Five boats are now on their way up the river from St. Louis.

     The M. S. Mepham is on her second trip up the Missouri river.  She landed at our Levee yesterday morning and unloaded a large amount of freight.  We gave quite a lengthy description of the boat when she was up a few weeks since.  A more full survey of her yesterday confirms us in the opinion that she is by far the finest boat ever run upon this river.  She goes down today.

     The polyorama of the war exhibits at Wyandot in McAlpin's Hall, Friday and Saturday evenings.

     An association is about to be formed in this city for the improvement of stock.  Lovers and admirers of "blooded" animals will give encouragement to the movement.

     A gentleman from Liberty yesterday, gave us the particulars of a robbery, which occurred in Platte county last Tuesday.  A teamster, going from Leavenworth to Liberty, was attacked by two armed ruffians; his horses, worth three hundred dollars, taken, his load plundered and destroyed, and his money and watch taken from him.  They claimed that they had accomplices, and would execute vengeance upon any who should attempt to follow and arrest them.

     Atchison is the Eastern terminus of the Overland Express Route.  Connection is here made with the United States Express to the Eastward.    According to the Atchison Press, the transfer of shipments between these two companies, now amounts to more than two and one half tons per week.  The amount of gold now being brought in over these lines from the Mountains is immense.  We have been unable to get any figures as to this business for the reason that the agents will not divulge.  the virgin gold is taken East, and green-backs and coin are taken West.  A large amount of coin is every year taken to Utah.  The Saints have not much faith in Uncle Sam's green-backs.