T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, May 27, 1864.

     A New Mexican train was unlading wool at Chick & Co.'s wool house yesterday.

     A lot of laborers arrived yesterday to commence work upon the Railroad in this vicinity.

     The ice of the Union Hotel will be sold to-day at public sale.

     We notice that the proprietors of the brick yard near the river, in the east part of town, have a fine kiln of brick just burned.

     WANTED. -- A situation by a young man as copying clerk.  He must be familiar with all army papers.  Apply at the Planter's House.

     Information is desired by the children and relatives of Orville Denison.  He is a regularly licensed apple peddler, and for six months or more has been hauling apples from Missouri to various parts of Kansas.  On the 2d of April he was in Lawrence, and told his son he was going to Missouri for a load of apples, but did not say to what part.  He had generally bought in Jackson and Clay counties.  Since that time his relations have not been able to get tidings of him.  His family, two small girls, are with his father-in-law, near Black Jack, Kansas, an aged an infirm man in straightened circumstances.  His two sons enlisted in the Union army, and one of them died in the service.  Persons in this vicinity must have known Mr. Denison, and any information concerning him left at this office will be thankfully received.