T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, May 15, 1864.

     The Tempest passed up last evening.  The Live Oak  went down last night.  The Paragon was unloading freight at our levee nearly all the afternoon yesterday.  She passed up the river and will return to-morrow night.
     Trains from the States were arriving at Santa Fe, April 24th.  This is the earliest in the season the trip has ever been made.
     We are told that about forty negroes crossed the river from Clay county into Kansas on Thursday night.  They took a lot of horses and other property from their masters.
     The fine map which was sold for $20 at the Fair, was contributed by the agent for these maps, who is now delivering them in this locality.  It was a generous gift from a stranger and deserves special attention.
     The Santa Fe stage arrived yesterday noon, making a quick and safe trip in.  A heavy  storm prevailed upon the plains, but did not delay the coach  The road is lined with teams coming to and going from this city.
     Mrs. Miner wishes to employ two dressmakers immediately.
     Fifty thousand sweet potatoe plants are for sale at the Nursery, by Sampson & Co.
     The Members of the Kansas City Young Men's Literary Association are requested to meet at Mr. Scarrett's school-room, over Dr. Ganghoffer's store on Main street, Monday evening, May 16, at half past seven o'clock, as business of importance will be transacted.