T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, April 5, 1864.

     The following are the winning candidates in yesterday's elections:
     Mayor -- R. T. Van Horn.
     Marshal - Denis O'Brien.
     Collector -- Robert Salisbury.
     Attorney -- Charles Carpenter.
     Assessor -- Edmond O'Flaherty.
     Treasurer -- S. D. Vaughan.
     Register -- Bernard Donnelly.

     The city election passed off very quietly yesterday.  A stranger in the city would not have known that an election was in progress.  We trust that the new administration will be an energetic and successful one.

     The steamer West Wind came up Sunday.  She brought a large amount of freight for this city.

     Nine of Blunt's little band of guerillas, which made some trouble in Lafayette county a few weeks ago, have already been laid under the sod, and the rest have fled for their lives.

     The various committees of the Fair will remember that they are to meet this evening at Long's Hall.  A full attendance is very desirable.

     We learn that the theatrical troupe of the Colorado Second, who gave several entertainments to our citizens during the winter, propose to give one or more in aid of the Sanitary Fair.  The Fair is popular with the soldiers for they know the necessity of such assistance as the Sanitary Commission affords the army.

     About four o'clock yesterday afternoon, while voting was in progress, one of the candidates drew off -- from a glass of beer.

     Quite a destructive fire occurred in Wyandot Sunday night.  A livery stable with its contents was burned.  Eight horses were consumed.  We have not learned how the fire originated.

     We learn that Mr. Hale, lately of Topeka, Kansas, has purchased the laundry on the levee, and will immediately proceed to put it in running order.  It is a good strike.

     Dr. D. Y. Chalfant, Examining Surgeon of the E. M. M., will be at Independence Saturday, the 9th of April, to examine all who claim exemption under Gen. Rosecrans' Order No. 7.

     The Hamm House was opened to the reception of the public at noon yesterday.  A large number of the prominent citizens of the town called to take dinner with the new proprietor.  The improved appearance of the house, the new furniture and the complete arrangements of all kinds, were the subject of general commendation . The tables were tastefully arranged, and the bil of fare was generous to the satisfaction of the most epicurean appetite.