T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, February 27, 1864.

     A boy was drowned a few days since, in the river near Duncan's Mill.  He was an orphan boy from near Lexington, and was employed in a family near by.  He was amusing himself by standing on some logs and pushing the cakes of ice as they floated down the stream.  It is supposed he lost his balance and fell in.  Another boy was with him, from fear or some other cause, did not tell of the accident until the next day.

     The Union Pacific Railroad contractors were paying off hands, &c., at Wyandot yesterday.  Several thousand dollars were disbursed among the happy people of that locality.

     C. E. Churchill, the favorite comedian of the Union Theatre house, takes a benefit to-night, and let it be a bumper.  He offers a varied and excellent bill, but aside from this, the dramatic talents of Churchill himself ought to fill the house.  He is a correct, pleasing and worthy young actor, and deserves a big ho use at the hands of his friends.

     A fine brick ho use was entirely destroyed by fire in Independence Thursday.  The fire took from an ash bin . Our informant could not tell us who owned the house.

     The steamers Fanny Ogden and Spread Eagle arrived from St. Louis yesterday morning.  They both unloaded large amounts of freight at our Levee.