T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, January 29, 1864.

     We are pleased to announce the "opening of navigation" between this place and our lively neighbor, Wyandot.

     We heard the distant roll of "heaven's artillery" last night, and the lightning doubtless confused the electric fluid, and prevented us getting our night dispatches.

     All Hail!  The hailstorm last night was heavy, and dropped off into a deluging rain . The streets are very impressible, and a little pedestrianism makes "free-soilers" of us all.

     We notice that excavation has been commenced on the corner of Main and Fourth streets, preparatory to the building which is to be erected there in the Spring.

     Harry Collins has leased Long's Hall, and will open tomorrow night for a short theatrical season.

     We regret to learn that Walter Hoagland, who met with an accident last week while skating, is lying seriously ill.  Mr. H. is one of our most promising young men, and we trust his many friends will soon see him in good health again.

     Notice to Baptists -- All members of Baptist churches residing in this city and vicinity -- in Wyandot, Westport and Independence, are cordially invited to attend special religious services to be held in the Baptist Meeting House in this city, on Sunday, January 31, 1864.  Worship will commence at 10 1/2 o'clock.  Several ministers are expected to be present.

     The Leavenworth Times announced yesterday, that Westpoint in this State, was burned by rebels last Tuesday.  We think this must be an error.  There is a military express line running between this place and the Trading Post every day.  The Messenger comes through Westpoint and if it had been burned, it would have been known here the same day.  Besides, the Military have not yet been removed from there.  Capt. Goss, of the Kansas 9th, commands this post.