T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, October 26, 1964.

     Some fifty additional prisoners arrived in town this morning, captured by our forces from Price's retreating columns.  These were taken about forty miles out.  Price's retreat is reported to be most precipitate.  The road is lined with his cast off plunder.  Wagons, buggies, even the extra cannon wheels of their batteries are thrown aside to lighten their loads.

     The Southern Methodist church is being fitted up as a Hospital, and preparations are going on for the comfort of all the wounded.

     The Government steamer Gen. Grant came down from Leavenworth to-day after more wounded.  Those able to be removed, were sent up to that city.

     Dr. McMurray was left by Price in charge of the wounded rebels, now in the hospital at this place.  The doctor is well known in this city and vicinity, having formerly edited a paper in Independence.

     GENERAL BROWN UNDER ARREST. -- We learn that Gen. Pleasanton put Gen. Brown under arrest last week, and turned his command over to the ranking Colonel.  Brown, it is said, was dilatory and disobeyed orders in not attacking the enemy as directed, and Pleasanton promptly relieved him.

     PRICE'S HEADQUARTERS ON SUNDAY. -- It is now definitely ascertained that Price had his headquarters on Saturday night last, at the widow Marsh's, about nine miles from Westport.  Large quantities of beef and other stores were left by him at that place.  Some forty of his wounded were also there The force that our boys engaged at Westport on Sunday was Shelby's division.  Shelby himself is reported to have been severely wounded in that fight.  At first they talked of taking him into Mr. Wornel's house, but though it was a little too risky and took him further to the rear.

     THE PRISONERS. -- Every dictate of humanity should be obeyed in our treatment of prisoners, but humanity does not require that rebel officers should be allowed on the streets, a a Captain was yesterday, who boasts of having escaped twice already.  We understand also that there are a couple of Rebel Surgeons here.  From forty to sixty of their comrades are lying wounded out on the Blue, with but one surgeon and a single nurse to take care of them.  These prisoners should all be carefully guarded.  We cannot afford to loose any of them by military kindness.

     Trains are running again regularly on the North Missouri railroad.

     By order No. 59, Col. Coates relieves Maj. Pritchard as commander of this post.

     The military were pressing teams all the morning, to bring in the remainder of the wounded.

     Shirts are in demand at the hospitals.  Those having a spare one should send it immediately.

     The weather to-day has been changeable  The reopened business houses have been doing a splendid trade, and the city assumes again its old business activity.