T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, September 23, 1864.

     The Ferryboat Ella passed up yesterday with portions of the wreck of the Emma.

     Our old townsman, Charley Vincent, announces himself to-day as candidate for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.

     Yesterday was rather warm, but business was good.  Our merchants have fallen in the price of their goods, and this fact is bringing plenty of buyers.

     THE APPROACH OF PRICE.  -- A telegram has been received by the Leavenworth Conservative, which says that the rebel Gen. Price has crossed the Arkansas with Cavalry, Infantry, and Artillery.  One of the scouts who arrived at Springfield, (Mo.), estimates their strength at 26,000.

     KANSAS MILITIA CALLED OUT. -- The Governor of Kansas has issued orders to call out the militia of Douglas and Shawnee counties, to move in Fort Scott.

     IMPROVEMENTS. -- Several of our merchants are mending their ways -- on the East side of Main street.  The side-walk on both sides of the streets need re-organizing.

     THE DRAFT. -- We learn from parties just from Lexington, that no draft has yet been commenced in this district.  The successful recruiting of colored troops in this part of the district will fully fill our quota.

     RELEASED. -- Miss Sue M. Bryant and Miss Lou Mayfield, of Booneville, Mo., who were arrested and confined in Gratoit street female prison, St. Louis, for avowed secession and writing rebel letters, have been released.  They were sent back to their friends on taking the oath, and giving adequate security for future good behavior.  Their letters were published as a warning to all indiscreet parents, and silly secesh maidens.