T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, August 19, 1864.

     JENNIE LEWIS. -- This new Missouri river packet and its Captain, Henry McPherson, passed up yesterday, with a fair load of freight and passengers.

     It is estimated that the number of emigrants that have crossed the plains this season is 50,000.

     The Warrensburg Tribune says there are some half dozen feminine rebels now in custody here, awaiting trial.

     The nine regiments called for by Gen. Rosecrans are to be credited to our quota in the coming draft.

     By order No. 11 it will be seen that Lieut. Roe relieves Lieu Cleveland as A. A. A. General at these headquarters, and that Capt. W. H. Green supersedes Maj. Pritchard as Station Commander at this post.

     The Chamber of Commerce will meet at the Directors' Room in the Mcheanics Bank this afternoon, at 3 o'clock.  The object of the meeting is to establish trade regulations for merchants and mechanics generally.  Let all classes of business be represented as matters of importance will be acted upon.  -- K. COATES, Pres't.

     Melons are coming into market by the wagon load.  Now is the time for the lovers of this esculent fruit to be surfeited.

     About the largest event which transpired in town yesterday was a dog fight in front of Cassidy's livery stable.  It is needless to say that it was attended by an enthusiastic crowd.