T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, March 22, 1964.

     The Emilie came down yesterday with the largest load of freight she has brought to this city during the season, thus far.

     The Isabella went down last evening.  She had aboard soldiers of the Seventh Kansas who have been home on a furlough.  The Isabella took on a quantity of tobacco for St. Louis.

     The soldiers of the 7th Kansas, while the Isabella was stopping at the levee, patronized the neighboring groceries "pretty heavy."  They cleaned out the whisky stock in short order.

     Colonel James Peckham, of the 29th Missouri volunteers, at his own request, has been mustered out of service on account of physical disability from wounds received in action.

     One of our merchants sold a bill of goods to go to Lawrence yesterday.  There is a large and valuable trade at that city which will be fairly opened to us as soon as the railroad is completed.

     A number of Santa Fe wagons were on the levee loading yesterday.  They are a portion of a train belonging to E. Romero of Santa Fe.  Mr. Romero has been in town several weeks, and will be ready to start his train about the first of April.  A number o f New Mexican freighters and merchants are buying mules, repairing wagons and getting ready to start as soon as the season will allow.

     We interrogated the Examining Surgeon, yesterday, respecting the health of our city.  He says "there is a fearful state of demoralization among the various bodies of our  commonwealth.

     Judge Smart has opened a Queensware store on Main street, south of the Union.  The Judge has a very extensive acquaintance  in Jackson and adjoining counties and his many friends will be pleased to give him a call at his new place of business.