T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, January 14, 1864.

     Prof. Searl, the Prestidigitator, has been bewildering the good people of Westport.  Full houses witnessed his astonishing performance.

     It is rumored about town that our Kansas troops are all to be sent to General Curtis' Department and their places supplied by others.  We shall be sorry if this is so.  The brave Kansas boys have given a good account of themselves in Missouri, and have won the praises of our loyal citizens.
     A large portion of the eastern travel is now coming via Sedalia,  making good time from St. Louis for this place.  This is "in the nature of things," and we trust the round-about St. Joe route may be entirely repudiated.
     Letter to the Editor:  DEAR SIR, -- I perceive that several of the towns of Missouri are flattering themselves on account of the number of letters sent through their several post offices during the last quarter.  We, too have a post office at Westport, and the people write "some."  The whole number of letters mailed at the Westport post office during the quarter ending the 31st of December, 1863, was 10,227 -- not bad for a town considered defunct.  -- SELA HUDSON, P. M.
     A great ball comes off in St. Joseph this evening for the benefit of the poor of that city.
     Mrs.Hicks, having removed from her old stand at the Temperance House to the Virginia Hotel, is prepared to entertain her old friends and the public generally.  A good wagon yard and stabling are connected with the house.  Near J. S. Chick & Co, East Levee, Kansas City, MO.