T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, January 31, 1864.

     Gen. Ewing left for Ohio yesterday.  We understand he received intelligence of the severe illness of his father.

     Chaplain Hamilton, of the Second Colorado Regiment, will preach this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the Methodist Church.

     A sale of contraband stock and other property will take place on Tuesday, February 2d.

     The ice in the river in front of the city commenced breaking up and running last evening.  If the mild weather continues the river will soon be open.

     A discharged soldier of the 11th Kansas was shot out on the Santa Fe road, near the State line, on Thursday night by three soldiers of the 15th Kansas.  They took his overcoat and pony and left him for dead.  The Fort Scot stage came along and took him in, and brought him to the hospital at Westport  He is severely wounded, but may recover.  It is alleged that the soldier had stolen the pony and other articles somewhere in Kansas.  A force was sent yesterday to arrest the men who shot him.  The whole affair will be investigated.

     Wyandot Items -- Higley, Hoffaker & Co. are going into the brick business heavily in the Spring.  -- There will be a Temperance meeting at the Congregational Church Tuesday evening.  -- A dog, supposed to be mad, was shot last Thursday.  --  A statement from the Adjutant General's office, credits Wyandot county with ninety-one soldiers in the U. S. service.  The county has furnished nearer 1,500.  The foregoing items we gather from the Gazette.

     Rev. Mr. Harlow lectures this evening at Long's Hall, on Main street.  Subject -- Men of Authority.  This lecture will be a continuation of the series upon the general subject of Inspiration  These lectures are of deep interest to all reflecting minds, and will well repay listening to.

     Mrs. Campbell's Celebrated Skirt-lifter, which raised so much furore in the eastern States, and are acknowledged to be just what is wanted in muddy weather, have just been received by Hammerslough Bros. at the dry Goods House, who are sole agents for them in Kansas City.  For ingenuity and simplicity they are unsurpassed and no lady would be without Mrs. Campbell's Celebrated Skirt-lifter or Lady's Page.