T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, January 23, 1864.

     A man lying on the track of the Platte County Railroad, was run over Wednesday night, and instantly killed.  He was terribly mangled.

     Captain Case will sell Contraband Stock at the Government Corral on O. K. Creek to-cay, sale commences at ten o'clock.

     An enthusiastic reception was given to Major General Curtis, at Leavenworth, on Thursday evening  The General made a speech to the people.

     The Ladies of this City who feel interested in forming a Soldiers aid society are requested to meet at the residence of Captain Toler this afternoon at two o'clock.

     The ice and bright nights have furnished fine sport for the young men and boys of the city  Skating parties have been gliding up and down the river for miles.  A few young ladies have taken first lessons on the skates.  The "Big muddy" will never be a very popular skating pond, as it is rarely safe, and less frequently smooth; but there has been a good chance for fun here for a week past.

     Messrs. Bachman & Welland are establishing a tobacco manufactory on Main street, in this city.  They have their press already up and will soon be at work.  This establishment will be a good thing for the farming community, as it will furnish a convenient market for their tobacco crop, without the necessity of sending the staple east.  These gentlemen have already bought very largely of the last season's crop raised in this vicinity.  They are purchasing extensively in the countries north of the river.  Tobacco rules high and at present prices there is money in it for both farmers and dealers.